How to take DG Customer-first Survey on site


DGCustomerfirst survey is Dollar General official customer survey site to select and give 10 customers that are chosen at random by the Admin $100 gift card and 400 prizes at $100 each will be given during the DG sweepstakes as a result of the survey taken on

The way DGcustomerservey works is unique and customers that are selected at random when they enter to win the prize will be notified via phone call and on email. So, there is no way you will not receive the DGCustomerfirst gift card if you are selected as one of the winners.

However, upon notification that you have been selected as the winner, you must submit your address within 72 hours so that you will be able to get mail from Dollar General regarding the DGcustomersurvey within a month or a month and two weeks.

About Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is an American variety store where you can purchase all product in one shopping mall like ShopRite, Walmart etc. The DG corporation was first launched on July 1, 1955, by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner (SR) and the first store was opened officially in Springfield. The Dollar General has it headquarters in 10 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and the United State.

As at the moment of writing this Dollar General Customer-first survey guide, the corporation has over 14,000 locations across the globe. After the founder, the company’s chairman and the CEO, Michael M. Calber and Todd Vasos are playing the hard to get games to make sure that the DG corporation offers the best and hear back from customers.

Dollar General Estimated Revenue

The product you can buy from DG to take the survey at includes clothing, cleaning materials, home decor (furniture), beauty aids, pet supplies, toys, seasonal items, grocery, and health supplies. However, the company down history has a little to complain about lost revenue and the company has an estimated value of $20.349 billion.

Company’s Investment

The two founders, Turner and Cal invested $10,000 in 1939 ($5000 each) which they started as a wholesale company. After a decade and a half, the company has realized over $2 million in cash, and in the 1950s, they both agreed to move from wholesales to retail. And today, they are in operation in 44 states with more than 15,000 stores.

The DG managements make it possible to raise a lot of money in a short period by selling a product whose price will not go above $1 when they started and today, the record million in sales daily.


The DGCustomerfirst is a new initiative to reward all DG stores customers at random with a gift card of $100 to 10 customers that take DG survey on and another 400 customers cash prize which is close to $100 per winner.

However, the only requirement to qualify for this raffle draw is a valid DG store receipt if you are above the age restriction.

DGCustomerfirst Survey Rewards

You will want to know whether it’s worth it to take the DG customer survey or not. Here is your free reward for taking your time to give feedback on DG stores.

  1. You may be lucky to be among the 10 customers that will be selected at random to take away $100 gift card to shop at DG store of your choice
  2. You may also be lucky to be among the 400 prizes of $100 winner during the sweepstakes.
  3. If you are also lucky, a Dollar General store coupon code can also be given to you to reduce the price of your next purchase on any of the DG stores.
  4. You will know your fate within a few days if you are one of the winners and you will be mailed within 3 days after notification.
  5.  A mail will be at your doorstep in not more than 6-8 weeks.

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How to Take DG Store Survey

Let me put it straight that there is no language barrier when you want to take the DG store customer survey at With your latest receipt, you are qualified to take the survey but you are not guaranteed of the selection since winners are selected at random.DGCustomerfirst

  1. Go to Dollar General survey site at DG Customer First
  2. Select the time you visited the store as written on your receipt
  3. Enter the store numbers leading with “0”
  4. Enter the 15 DGCustomerfirst survey code on your receipt
  5. Click on the enter button
  6. Take the survey and give answers to the questions to the best of your knowledge
  7. Submit your response to the survey questions
  8. Enter your information such as name, address, phone number, email, and mailing address when prompted.

Now, relax. If you are selected an admin will contact you on the phone and via email. If you are selected, you will be instructed how to redeem your $100 gift card at the nearest Dollar General store to your location.

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